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My dog Scruff likes it (Ma Kush's Pet Tincture) so much he growls at me in the morning if he doesn't get it! ????

This (Pure CBD) Bud balm is great for my psoriasis, age spots, skin cancer and it also adds some nice shine to your hair as well. I've been an avid user of her original bud balm before she recently created the new Extreme bud balm. Also try her Canna-Oil as it does wonders for your health taken in the am and pm as a general health supplement. 

Cory E

Our little pup Dexter was so sick for five day. He wouldn’t eat or drink, he was vomiting every day. On the 6th day I woke up with him lying on my chest, completely lethargic, breathing so shallow and slowly. My husband picked him up and began giving him water with a syringe. He also decided to try Ma Kush’s Natural CBD Pet Tincture. By dinner time he was back to his old sweet fun self. NO JOKE! Playing fetch and giving lots of hugs and kisses to the whole family. Now we give it to him and Bella every day. If we miss a dose, Dexter picks it up by the topper and throws it at us. He loves it and he knows it helped him. We LOVE Ma Kush’s Natural products for the whole family!!

XOXOX – Kimberly, Rick, Kristina, Jimmy, Dexter & Bella

The Bud Balm is AMAZING! I’ve used it for two different kinds of cramps (when my SIBO hurts and for my period) and had incredible results. I did not realize that it had worked until I realized that I was no longer hurting or in pain. I am so excited to find this product. It is really fantastic.


BUD BALM I am very pleased with the balm. My Advil is reduced drastically and I sleep soundly. Nice respite from knee pain. I’ve been preaching to friends who will be ordering.

Patti G

A while ago, you gifted us a few of your lip balms and we are absolutely in love. They are superior to any product we have ever tried. We need more!


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