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I've had my shingles for almost a month now. They were scabbing over and healing except for one, which has for whatever reason is pretty much a hole. Well, since using your balm almost all the scabs are healed, and the hole is gone and scabbed over pretty much overnight. I almost cried because of how awesome this stuff is!!

Rachel W

Your tincture helps our cocker spaniel with tendinitis and separation anxiety, it’s been a blessing💜 

Alex M

Lyn - I think you are the greatest and you've helped me so much with your oils. My arthritis was really bad - now I can hike, walk, ride a bike without all the pain I was having. I feel you're going to go a long way with this. People need this and they need to hear about it again and again. Thank you so much. 

Vicki W

I just wanted to thank you for making such incredible products! I have used other CBD products in the past, but none seem to have the quality and potency that yours do. I use your tinctures and rub and have had fantastic results with both! My fiancé and I are both bodybuilders and the rub is the best thing we have ever used for our sore muscles and joints. I use the tincture for anxiety and to help with inflammation especially with my ovarian cysts. It is literally the only thing I have found that works to keep them away! Thank you, thank you, thank you again! Your products are truly amazing!!! 

Mariah L

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