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Just a quick note of gratitude to you for the products you sent me and my dogs. I see, and more importantly feel, how much love you infuse into your goods and business (and life). Thanks again.

Julia R

Game changer for my Coco. Did I mention that she became a 4-legged doggy again with the help of the miracle stuff from Ma Kush’s Natural CBD? Get some! I highly recommend over the pain pills for dogs with arthritis. My dog tore her back ACL and screwed up her knee a month ago. The tincture keeps her relaxed and she is on her way to 100%. Went out on our nightly walk and she is 85% 4 legged. Coco loves it. I am about to order another. She takes it 2 times a day.

Tiff G

A while ago, you gifted us a few of your lip balms and we are absolutely in love. They are superior to any product we have ever tried. We need more!


The CBD tincture is working amazingly on my stomach. I have tried other tinctures but nothing works as well as yours. My mom has tried it for her fibromyalgia and arthritis and it has really helped her too. Thanks again.


After a week on your product (Ma Kush’s Natural CBD Pet Tincture), our pug who had skin and allergy issues along with separation anxiety is so much calmer than she has been in years. Her eyes are also clearer as she has started chasing flies again – her favorite thing. Before using your product, she could not even see the edge of the sidewalk or even the edge of the couch. Now she can jump on the couch, play with the other dogs and cat and has overall made a huge improvement.


If you haven't tried these products, it's a must. My dogs and I love her products. Check Ma Kush’s Natural out on Facebook, and Instagram or go online to and check out her full lineup for humans and fur babies. The pet tincture has been absolutely wonderful for Indica our 4-year-old Chihuahua whose has allergies and anxiety with the new puppy. She loves it so much she tries to eat the dropper. It also helped her when she got hurt and was in pain and not wanting to be touched. Both dogs just love the taste. Try the CBD soap, OMG!! Best thing I have ever used, my face loves it. I've always had dry, but very oily skin and nothing has ever worked for my face, until Now.

Maria F

I have very bad arthritis in my hands and wrists. I use 10 drops a day of the original CBD tincture under my tongue and it is as if the arthritis is completely gone. No pain and no stiffness. I can even play my guitar again. I can’t thank you enough and I will recommend the tincture to everyone I know..

Robert C

I have been using Ma Kush’s Natural CBD Tincture for well over a year now and it has been awesome! I have far less inflammation in my body and I feel better in general. It calms my nerves and helps me get through my day with less pain and anxiety and for that I am so grateful. I also use the Lavender CBD soap and I love it! It is perfect for getting a deep clean on my face without drying it out or making it blotchy because I have sensitive skin. It has also managed to rid me of those tiny bumps I had on the backs of my arms! I can’t stress how wonderful Ma and her products are! I’m a fan for life!! ❤

April C

Bill uses the CBD Tincture and the Pure CBD bud balm. The tincture works from the inside supported by the balm on his back and with open wounds. They heal so much faster and it helps with the pain and tenderness.

We use Ma Kush’s Natural CBD Pet Tincture for 3 of our dogs who are older and have issues like joint pain, walking and old age. It makes a world of difference.

Glenda & Bill K

My dog Scruff likes it (Ma Kush's Pet Tincture) so much he growls at me in the morning if he doesn't get it! ????

This (Pure CBD) Bud balm is great for my psoriasis, age spots, skin cancer and also adds some nice shine to your hair as well. I've been an avid user of her original bud balm before she recently created the new Extreme bud balm. Also try her Canna-Oil as it does wonders for your health taken in the am and pm as a general health supplement.

Cory E

I have been using Ma Kush’s products for years now and they have helped me immensely in treating my cancer and emphysema. I’ve tried countless other brands, and none have compared to hers whatsoever. I have this saying “when you’re tired of the rest and ready for the best” try Ma Kush’s products and you’ll be happy you did.  

Cory E

Our little pup Dexter was so sick for five day. He wouldn’t eat or drink, he was vomiting every day. On the 6th day I woke up with him lying on my chest, completely lethargic, breathing so shallow and slowly. My husband picked him up and began giving him water with a syringe. He also decided to try Ma Kush’s Natural CBD Pet Tincture. By dinner time he was back to his old sweet fun self. NO JOKE! Playing fetch and giving lots of hugs and kisses to the whole family. Now we give it to him and Bella every day. If we miss a dose, Dexter picks it up by the topper and throws it at us. He loves it and he knows it helped him. We LOVE Ma Kush’s Natural products for the whole family!!

XOXOX – Kimberly, Rick, Kristina, Jimmy, Dexter & Bella

The lip balm is a Miracle worker. I get cold sores when my lips get chapped. I have used medicated Blistex, Abeva (which costs $19.00 alone) and Campho-Phenique. I have to use all 3 products which makes the cold sore burn and itch as well as dry your lips out which just plain sucks. All 3 tubes are completely gone by the time the cold sore is gone which is around 7 days. I felt a cold sore coming on so decided to try Ma Kush’s Natural Lip Balm and see what it could do. I used it all day and by the second day the cold sore was smaller and not bothering me as much. By the third day it was gone with No Burning, No Itching. It soothes and leaves your lips so soft. I have been using this balm EVERYDAY since then and I no longer have any issues. I will no longer waste my time or money on other chapsticks. This is the BEST lip balm on the market. I am so thankful that I gave it a shot. #blessing #onlythebest #cannotgowithout

Ashlyn L

The Bud Balm is AMAZING! I’ve used it for two different kinds of cramps (when my SIBO hurts and for my period) and had incredible results. I did not realize that it had worked until I realized that I was no longer hurting or in pain. I am so excited to find this product. It is really fantastic.


I tend to get dry lips from being out in the sun when I'm out skating, I've tried other lip balms before and they seemed to be more chemically based which didn't have a good reaction towards my lips. I tried a sample (of Ma Kush’s Natural Lip Balm) when I was in the Otay clinic (I’m still scraping some from the bottom of the container) but WOW! Ma Kush’s Natural lip balm has worked for me, it just feels so fresh, the coconut oil and blended herbs keep your lips hydrated naturally and makes them feel amazing. Wonderful job Ma - keep up the great work! Thanks again :)


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