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Dear Ma Kush,
Thank you first for making a difference in my daily routine! Simple as your products seem, the value to my body is vital. The difference in your products versus the others is LOVE. My wife and I both agree you have a touch that is only in Ma Kush’s. Flavor wise and visually it is a contribution to culinary health, one we count on. I just wanted to let you know (I never write reviews) that we remain impressed. as your expansion seems inevitable, we will be there to support you. 

Edwin & Karin N

Lyn – This is a quick note to send you a long overdue “Thank You”. As you know I had tried other CBD products and was left wanting/needing more. My back was always sore, and I hadn’t been sleeping well. Between your balm and CBD drops I’m back to getting a full night sleep. Additionally, because of my experience with your products, I referred a friend who has arthritis in his hands. He started using your balm and within a couple days, he texted me to let me know how amazed he was at how well it reduced the pain in his joints. Should I tell you how effective your dog treats are? You get the picture.

Can I also tell you how much I appreciate your sincere enthusiasm for your products and life in general. You sold us on Ma Kush’s products because of your smile and excitement. With proven results, it makes a lot easier to stand by your products.

Bart E

After a week on your product (Ma Kush’s Natural CBD Pet Tincture), our pug who had skin and allergy issues along with separation anxiety is so much calmer than she has been in years. Her eyes are also clearer as she has started chasing flies again – her favorite thing. Before using your product, she could not even see the edge of the sidewalk or even the edge of the couch. Now she can jump on the couch, play with the other dogs and cat and has overall made a huge improvement.


Just a quick note of gratitude to you for the products you sent me and my dogs. I see, and more importantly feel, how much love you infuse into your goods and business (and life). Thanks again.

Julia R

Bill uses the CBD Tincture and the Pure CBD bud balm. The tincture works from the inside supported by the balm on his back and with open wounds. They heal so much faster and it helps with the pain and tenderness. 

We use Ma Kush’s Natural CBD Pet Tincture for 3 of our dogs who are older and have issues like joint pain, walking and old age. It makes a world of difference.

Glenda & Bill K

The lip balm is a Miracle worker. I get cold sores when my lips get chapped. I have used medicated Blistex, Abeva (which costs $19.00 alone) and Campho-Phenique. I have to use all 3 products which makes the cold sore burn and itch as well as dry your lips out which just plain sucks. All 3 tubes are completely gone by the time the cold sore is gone which is around 7 days. I felt a cold sore coming on so decided to try Ma Kush’s Natural Lip Balm and see what it could do. I used it all day and by the second day the cold sore was smaller and not bothering me as much. By the third day it was gone with No Burning, No Itching. It soothes and leaves your lips so soft. I have been using this balm EVERYDAY since then and I no longer have any issues. I will no longer waste my time or money on other chap sticks. This is the BEST lip balm on the market. I am so thankful that I gave it a shot. #blessing #onlythebest #cannotgowithout

Ashlyn L

The CBD tincture is working amazingly on my stomach. I have tried other tinctures but nothing works as well as yours. My mom has tried it for her fibromyalgia and arthritis and it has really helped her too. Thanks again.


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