In 2012 my son (Jim) was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. He spent most of the next year in bed doing home-school. Most days he was so weak and lethargic. Over time with a lot of work he began to heal. Celiac Disease is so much more than not eating gluten. You have to heal the gut and intestines too.

Jim was always dealing with nausea and headaches in the mornings. We tried everything, but it was something he just learned to live with; even thou it ended his participation in the sports he loved and made him fall behind in school… he kept pushing forward.

As he was dealing with Celiac Disease, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was desperate for natural products that would help with my morning pain and nausea from the harsh medications. I tried medical marijuana, low THC, high CBD worked great for my pain. I would smoke at night right before bed.

One day when I was at the dispensary, I noticed a CBD oil product by Ma Kush’s Natural. I bought it and went home to study the benefits. I talked to my son and my husband. We decided to let Jim use it in hopes to help with his Celiac issues. Every night before bed he would take ¼ of an eyedropper. In a week or so he began to see some amazing results and after he was done with the bottle his nausea and stomach cramps he had always dealt with were gone!

It’s been six months and it’s like this CBD oil has reset his body! He’s sleeping better, eating better, and he’s a normal kid again. Five years of suffering and now he feelings normal. Thank you so much for such an amazing product Lyn! We share the results with everyone we know!

You have customers for life!
- Xoxo, Mrs. A

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