Dear Ma,
I am writing this letter on behalf of my 13-year-old lab retriever. About 3 weeks ago, my beautiful Ginger was diagnosed with bone cancer and when I took her to the vet she could barely walk. They took x-rays and were so shocked to see she had the WORST case of bone loss they had ever seen and couldn’t believe she wasn’t inflamed or in pain! I told them I was giving her CBD for dog’s tincture from California. Well, they were so impressed they asked me to leave the information, so they could tell all the other fur moms and dads that it helps with bone loss, seizures, inflammation, pain, and anxiety. The vet told me to double up on the CBD and NOW Ginger is walking, wanting to go to the park and so happy! I know she is feeling great (considering the circumstances) and we owe it all to Ma Kush’s Natural CBD for dogs!

Thank you!
- Love, Ginger and her mom!

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