All my pets have been some form of rescued dogs and cats – whether abandoned or at shelters – they have found me versus me them. My latest sweetie is a black lab/bird dog mix named Koko. She has issues like all my previous angels since I get them when they are a year plus old. Koko has been more of a challenge than my previous. Her anxiety and protectiveness are borderline excessive. I have been working with her via her diet, exercise and training when about 3 months ago I started adding Ma Kush’s Natural Pet Tincture to her routine. The results have been wonderful. She is still full of energy and playful which I definitely want but has this bit of calmness that was not there before. I love this product especially since it is all natural and non-toxic. I so wished I had it for my other pets that are no longer with me..

Annette & (of course Koko)

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