Ma Kush's Natural products use only the best ingredients available from multiple sources including Ma’s organic garden. NO GMO’s, artificial flavors, preservatives, dyes or fragrances. Paraben & Sulphate Free. Cruelty Free. Small batch proprietary recipes and processes create exceptional and consistent products that you can count on. All products are 3rd PARTY LAB TESTED – Contain less than 0.3% THC.

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Men's Tie Dyed T-shirts

$25.00 each
Men's Shirt Sizes

Fruit of the Loom brand – 100% cotton with crew neck with logo on the left side of shirt
Hand tie-dyed t-shirts - one-of-kind work of art. There are no two alike. Shirt colors can include blue, purple, green & yellow. There is no guarantee that they will be those specific colors or contain all those colors. 

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