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I was diagnosed with bells palsy a year ago, I didn't have the face droop, but I did have the 7th cranial nerve inflamed which caused dizziness and excruciating pain for four months straight. The doctors gave me medicine for the nerve pain, but nothing would help. I decided to use Ma Kush’s products. It took me a while after the pain to actually use her products because of all the hearsay about CBD, but I am so very grateful I did! It not only took most of the pain away, so I could be the mom and wife my family depended on, but the anti-inflammatory aspects of the CBD helped the swelling to go down quicker. I also have had mild carpal tunnel for over a year, the doctors sent me to physical therapy and gave me nerve pain pills which made me so dizzy I couldn't do anything during the day. I received some CBD balm from Ma Kush and it is helping the carpal tunnel. I am so very grateful to Ma Kush and her products to help relieve all my physical ailments. 

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