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I found Ma Kush by complete accident. I wasn't sure what I was looking for. I was new to the medical cannabis scene, but I knew I needed to try something new for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I thought I would give her balms a go, at that point I had nothing to lose. I was already in pain and progressing faster than I had expected. While I was testing out her products on me, I found her CBD oil.  My children and I all have Celiac Disease. All three of us have many different symptoms. My son has the worse reactions. One of them is horrific morning sickness. He was missing school and really missing out on life. I thought we'd give the CBD a go. Just a little at bedtime and in about a week he began to see an improvement. By the time that little bottle was done he was a new kid. It's like it reset his system. He's never has those issues again. He does do a weekly maintenance program to stay healthy. 

That was all we needed to show us how cannabis does heal! 

We have a dog that has some auto-immune issues and was losing his hair and his agility. He was only 1 year old. Again, we reached out to Ma Kush and she had a pet tincture; again, we saw amazing results.

Dexter is on a maintenance program as well and doing great!

I never go anywhere without my Ma Kush balms, oils, and supplements. Her products have truly changed our family's lives.

We are forever grateful!

She is so welcoming and understanding. She works with what you need. She never pushes her products on you just for a sale. She's quick to let you sample items, showing her conviction to healing and happiness for her clients.

I must say, we love her!

One little tidbit, I was laid up last year with pneumonia and commented on a post on her Instagram. She responded and asked how I was doing, how my son was doing. I told her he was out of his oil but since I was bedridden, I couldn't get down to get a new bottle.... so she sent one out to ME!

She is the BEST! She really cares about her clients and sharing how mazing cannabis is.
Rick & Kimberly A

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